Aim & Objectives
General Aim:
Amalgamation of nursing education, research and practice for evidence-based and quality nursing care in all health care set up and upward movement of the institutional standard towards making it a "Center of Excellence".  
General Objectives:
  1. To uphold institutional policies & protocols prescribed by regulatory bodies
  2. To facilitate infra-structure & environment conducive for students’ learning
  3. To organize teacher-development programs for desirable education-outcome
  4. To ensure quality teaching-learning process through regular planning, monitoring  implementations & documentation of students’ classroom and clinical practices
  5. To organize regular Community Outreach programs to develop students’ social awareness and sense of responsibility towards Community Health Promotion.
  6. To develop students’ overall personality & leadership qualities through Student Nurses Association (SNA) activities
  7. To uphold & expand institutional reputation through educational events at Regional, National & International Levels.
Future initiatives    
  • To start M.Sc Nursing program from 2016 session
  • To launch PCNMS Magazine: WINGS 2016
  • To start an E-Journal
  • To conduct funded research projects
  • To organize conferences / workshops / seminars annually
  • To organize sessions on Aerobics sessions for Students & Staff
  • To introduce Value Education as a regular schedule

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